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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We are a family of scientists, farmers, and pioneers working toward the development of a modern, global industry.  Our communal focus led to the opening of DabJuice™., the hub of our composite knowledge and experience within the terpene spectrum. While distribution and research are a part of our world, we specialize in the increasingly dynamic field of terpene manufacturing, as our award-winning track record can attest. We have years of experience and all the necessary tools to help you achieve success regardless of operation size. Let us help you make a variety of award-winning and profitable products or setup a new licensed facility. It would be a pleasure to assist a partner in the creation of a terpene culture, concept, or in production.

Our Vision

We see a new product vending system that eliminates the current bootleg practices endangering our communities in favor of a consistent flow of high-quality, organic merchandise. We believe in reliable tracking procedures from seed to sale.

Our Responsibilities

  • Product Quality – Only high quality material is utilized in the production of high quality products, from our creation or that of any of the operations of our partners.
  • Sustainability – In an increasingly dynamic marketplace of ever changing politics and policies, we recognize the necessity of creating a terpene company that will be operating 10, 20, and 100 years from now. We endeavor tirelessly to ensure we create a sustainable company that our customers, partners, and employees can trust.
  • Partners – We always seek to create win-win networks for our partners, all customers, and ourselves. Together, we create more than the sum of all parts.
  • Planet – Now, more than ever, we need to be considerate of our environment – to be responsible citizens of the world. Through systematic research and development, we continuously refine and update our techniques with the ultimate goal of making a more sustainable community.
  • Portfolio – As the terpene community grows, so do needs for the variety of products we are happy to offer our partners and clients. We aim to bring online a large portfolio of brands and products, suitable to every need of the emerging community.
  • Productivity – We work with discipline, purpose, and enthusiasm in order to be efficient and effective in getting results.

“Nothing comes to a sleeper,
– Kasinova the Don

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