Premier Cutting Agent

NO PG, VG, or MCT Oil

There are few things more valuable than the flavor of high-quality cannabis strains, which rely heavily on the implementation of terpene (flavonoids). In fact, when produced correctly, the right flavor profile can often supersede the content.

That’s where Liquify™ Solution comes in.

As a clean, fresh cutting agent that’s free of PG, VG, or MCT oils, it allows you to take your favorite concentrates with you wherever you go—and all with discrete, convenient, and cost-effective use that maximizes your personal value.

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DabJuice Liquify Solution


Smarter, More Effective Support

Liquify Solution is vital to those who understand how important natural terpenes are versus synthetic formulations such as Polyethylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin, and fractionated coconut oils that can impact flavor and effectiveness.

What’s more, when terpenes from our Liquify Solution are employed over outdated methods, it can produce what is known as the “Entourage Effect”.

This happens when terpene combinations work together seamlessly, regardless of or content, to produce a more natural “relaxed sense of feeling” versus the medicinal psychoactive effects that are created.


Proprietary Blend of Non-Flavored Terpene Isolates

Liquify Solution offers mixable support for shatters, waxes, concentrates, and oils—and all to ensure a perfectly vape-able product. More importantly, it can be used for cutting distillate and isolates alike. Here are just a few ways our product remains superior to standard cutting agents:


  • Lab Tested Purity

We make our Liquify Solution in small batches in a clean environment to ensure purity in every bottle. We always maintain strict standards and impeccable safety.

  • No Smell or Taste

Our formula has no odor, even after vaporization, and no taste as well when used in appropriate amounts. All to ensure clean, efficient use.

  • Optimize Concentrate Value

The Dabjuice Liquify Solution allows you to get the very most out of your concentrates which not only improves your product, but helps you save money in the long run.

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