Ever eat granny smith apples? Studies conducted on their skins suggest farnesene produces the smell of green apples with additional floral and woody notes. It corrodes quickly, however, as it only exists on the outermost layers of the rind. You can add this terpene to cosmetics, personal care products, fragrances and as flavoring for food. It may also be responsible for the worst Jolly Rancher flavor known to mankind.



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Most information on this terpene comes from scientific research conducted on the terpene composition of granny smith apple skins. This work confirmed both the existence and the possibility of extracting Farnesene from such fruit rinds. This terpene strongly exhibits the smell of green apples with floral, woody notes, but it corrodes quickly, as it exists only on the outermost layers of produce. This terpene is used in cosmetics, personal care products, flavoring for food, and in fragrances.

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