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How Do Water-Soluble Terpenes Work?

Our Partnerships with AbstraxTech have taken an all-natural botanical terpenes and run them through a proprietary emulsifying process using ultrasonic homogenization that allows terpenes to blend seamlessly with water-based products.

Terpenes are themselves an oil. As such, they only naturally blend or ‘solvate’ in alcohol or fats (oils) – never in water. You’ve seen this process at work anytime you’ve had to shake your favorite salad dressing in order to emulsify it, or have been at an Italian restaurant and noticed that the olive oil and balsamic for dipping your bread in have separated. That’s because oil and water are, generally speaking, immiscible, or un-mixible, liquids.

Their Team has developed a work around for this by utilizing the power of sound waves (ultrasonic) to disperse terpenes in small pockets that are fairly evenly distributed (homogenized) throughout the solution (water, in our case). What this does is effectively open the doors for recipe experimentation! Terpenes that were previously only useful in oil-based applications will now  interact nicely with your alcohol and water-based innovations.

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