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Contract Manufacturing

In the past 10 years, DabJuice has helped small and medium-sized enterprises to shorten their time to market, optimize their supply chains, and produce products that meet the highest international quality standards and improve their quality of life. Our capabilities, scale and expertise have greatly enhanced our customers’ competitive advantage. Let our team of Scientist, Engineers and Executives work with you to create turn-key solutions to this fast growing industry!  With our product development services, technology integration capabilities and full manufacturing services, our solutions will enhance your confidence in contract manufacturers.

We work with leading OEMs in Isolate development and innovation across all industries in between to complete the process from drawing to product delivery. Our on-time delivery rates, global sourcing channels, customer and project management capabilities, and high-touch service levels are among the best in the terpene industry. Most importantly, we strictly guarantee the confidentiality and security of your intellectual property in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard.


Business Model

Work with our highly skilled executives, and legal experts, to craft a detailed business model – that is perfectly dialed to the cannabis industry. Our team of professionals have over 50+ years combined experience in working with companies at any stage of development.  Consultation is always free, and their is no obligation to buy. 


Just remember, a business model is the most important document your company will ever create – so always choose a team with a proven track record. 


Lab Design

Let’s face it – the cannabis industries regulations for lab development can not only be overkill – but VERY expensive in the process.  Fortunately, we have paired up with some of the biggest, and most recognizable solution providers in this industry.  These teams of Scientist, Engineers and Professionals can help create you a laboratory module – that is compliant to ALL regulations set forth in every state


 When designed correctly, a lab module fully coordinates all architectural and engineering systems. A well-designed modular plan provides the following benefits:

Flexibility. The lab module should encourage change within the building. Research is changing all the time, and buildings must allow for reasonable change. Many private research companies make physical changes to an average of 25 percent of their labs each year. Academic institutions typically change the layout of 5 to 10 percent of their labs annually.

Expansion. Lab planning modules allow the building to adapt easily to expansions or contractions without sacrificing facility functionality.


Equipment Procurement

We establish a foundation for a seamless procurement journey. Strong relationships throughout the equipment industry and deep expertise based on our teams, 30+ years of procurement allow us to deliver sound guidance on optimal equipment solutions.


Our process encompasses detailed flow-charting; exploration and analysis of end-user needs and work processes; life-cycle cost breakdowns; user feedback; budget management; mechanical, electrical, plumbing coordination; equipment coordination installation; and much more. Built into each procurement strategy are oversight and recovery plans that anticipate the common pitfalls and vulnerabilities that often crop up during equipment procurement projects. It’s about troubleshooting long BEFORE there’s a hint of a problem.


Standard Operating Procedure

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) is the core of our industry. By incorporating safety and health considerations which are routinely followed  – companies become dynamically successful . Let us help you work through the paperwork, to create a winning playbook!

Because laboratory work involves the use of hazardous chemicals, especially “particularly hazardous substances.” SOPs are written instructions that detail the steps to be performed during a given experimental procedure and include information about potential hazards and how these hazards will be mitigated. SOPs should be written by laboratory professionals who are most knowledgeable and involved with the experimental process.

 Consider the following information when developing any SOP:  Type, quantity, and nature of the chemical used. Note that the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) lists important information regarding potential hazards that will need to be considered, such as toxicity, flammability, reactivity, warning properties, and symptoms of exposure. Location of use, including fume hood or other containment devices; and should always Include specifically-designated work area(s) for “particularly hazardous substances.” Process details, available safety equipment, personal protective equipment, waste collection, storage, and disposal requirements are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Manufacturing Efficiency

The quality control (QC) laboratory, in both the R&D and operations environments, is a key element of the supply chain and has a significant impact on lead times, affecting speed of terpene development and overall site manufacturing performance. Let us work with you to develop strong fundamental, and highly efficient goals to developing faster turnaround times and less overhead costs.


Custom Terpene Formulations

For strain specific formulations,  our in-house laboratory is equipped to see what compounds are present in a specific strain. Through the use of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry our analytics team is able to break down the exact isolates use for recreation.  As such, our profiles can match as close to 99.99% of the original data sheet. 


Staff Training And Oversight

Training to keep staff updated on the skills needed to meet business demands, address changing industry trends, and new technologies is a mission-critical component of any lab-based organization. Lab managers can get the most out of training programs by being proactive in identifying relevant training needs, leveraging networks of training experts, and fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

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